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Our English Spanish Translations Company provides specialized medical translations. Our linguistic specialists review the medical text that needs Spanish translation and determine the most appropriate Spanish translator for the work, typically a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences . All English to Spanish translations are reviewed by a group of Ph.Ds. in Medical Sciences for accuracy and edited by linguistic experts before they are sent to our clients.

As is the case of all our translation services, the program manager handling your document will identify the most appropriate native speaker who has the required expertise for your specific text. Medical translations are typically performed by a physician or a Ph.D. in medical sciences, depending on personnel availability and text complexity. Once the appropriate translator has been selected, the glossary is decided in collaboration with both the program manager and the assigned editor. Finally, the translations are proofread and reviewed for accuracy by the editor.

Why hire us for your medical language service needs?

We have MD and PhD translators who are specialists in different medical sciences. Our list of professionals comprises Spanish or English native speakers, who have experience in a variety of biomedical areas. We work on both large and small content projects, and we choose the writer or translator whose expertise and interests best meets yours.

Experience. Since 1999, we have performed highly specialized translations of medical texts and books. Translations or new articles are carefully edited by our editors. We have performed translations of medical news, medical reports, scientific reports. We have also written various different articles.

We Guarantee a Fast Turnaround. Projects of 1,000 words are finished in less than 24 hours. We also guarantee fast time frames for larger works. Indeed, all medical translations of 1,000 words or fewer are typically covered by our 24 hours or free policy. We offer volume discounts for large orders or clients using monthly services.

See details about our fast English Spanish translations policy
English Spanish Translations

24 hours or free Spanish translation policy

ES -Translations
We know how important a fast turnaround is for you and we work accordingly. English Spanish translations of 1,000 words or fewer are typically covered by our 24 hours or free policy.

English to Spanish translation, fast turnaround of 24 hours; we provide translation services by our linguistic experts, and professional English to Spanish translator service.

See details about our fast English Spanish translations policy

ES-Translations provides professional English Spanish translations, translating English to Spanish for you directly. Our translations services include legal, technical, and medical translations. We offer different types of translation services, including Spanish book translation, Spanish website translation, and Spanish medical translation. All our English to Spanish services are performed by a professional translator and edited by our linguistic experts.

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