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We have created this section to illustrate some of the most common problems in Spanish translations when people use translation programs or unprofessional translators.


In a recent visit to a medical center, we identified various errors in translated signs. For example, in a two paragraph translation containing only 34 words, we detected 8 mistakes.

English Version

During Your Exam, The Sonographer Performing Your Ultrasound Is Not Permitted To Give Out Results.
Our Physician Needs To Review Your Exam Before Results Can Be Given To You Or Your Doctor.

Spanish Translation

Durante Su Exámen, El Sonogramador Que Ejecuta Su Ultrasonido No Esta Permitido Para Repartir Los Resultados.
Nuestros Medicos necesitan Revisar Su Exámen Antes, Que cualquier Resultados Sea Entregado a Usted o a Su Doctor.

Problems with the Spanish Translation

1) Accentuation errors. All the accents in the Spanish version are incorrect. The only word with an accent is "Exámen" and the word actually does not take an accent. Accents are missing in "Médicos" and "Está."

2) "Sonogramador" is not a word in Spanish. A simple Google search for the word "Sonographer" yields 619,000 hits and CERO hit for the invented word "Sonogramador." Sometimes there is no Spanish equivalent for a medical related word and one can use and English derived form of a word. However, we do not believe it was correct to use the word "Sonogramador" in this particular case. A simple solution we recommend is to say "the technician performing the ultrasound."

3) ".no está permitido" is incorrect and a literal translation for the English ".is not permitted." The correct translation is ".no está autorizado."

4) The preposition "para" should be replaced for "a" in the phrase "para repartir." It should read "a repartir."

5) "Nuestros medicos" is plural while the English text uses the singular form: "Our physician needs."

6) There shouldn't be a comma in the second sentence after the word "antes" not only because there is no comma in English but also because its placement is inappropriate and ungrammatical.

7) "Cualquier resultados." There is an agreement error here, while the first word is singular the second one is plural. We suggest to remove the word "cualquier" which shouldn't have been used in the first place since the word "any" is not used in the English version.

8) "resultados sea entregado." Agreement error: "resultados" is pural while "sea" and "entregado" are singular. It should read "resultados sean entregados."

Translation suggested by ES-TRANSLATIONS

Durante Su Examen, El Técnico Que Realiza el Ultrasonido No Está Autorizado A Entregar Los Resultados.
Nuestro Médico Debe Revisar Su Examen Antes Que Los Resultados Les Sean Entregados a Usted o a Su Doctor.

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