Professional English Spanish translations


We specialize in English into Spanish medical translation service and we also work in different areas including legal and book translation:


The translation of some texts requires great expertise. Our translators have ample experience in all kinds of translations, including English Spanish Biomedical Translations. They are acquainted with the vocabulary and grammatical structures typical of these texts. Follow the link for more details.

English Spanish Medical Translation of texts, just as the Biomedical Translations, is performed by Ph.D.’s in the field who have experience in translations, and then edited by linguist specialists. Contact us to verify if your text could qualify for our 24 hour or free policy.

Accuracy is key for English Spanish Translation of Legal Documents. We know that and work accordingly to provide you with a translation that will leave no doubt of its contents to a native speaker of Spanish. Follow the link to see an example.

When doing an English Spanish Book Translation, we strive to provide a text that flows naturally and is easy to read. As our translations are proof-read by expert linguists, we are confident that you will be completely satisfied with our final product. As an example (follow link) we have included an excerpt of a translation of a second grade book for children.

Reach a wider audience to your texts by taking advantage of our Other English Spanish Translations Services. To make sure to include the Spanish speaking community, you can have your texts rewritten in their language by an expercienced specialist who is fluent in both languages. Follow the link to read several examples.

We can also help you to establish business relationships in English and Spanish speaking countries and to promote your services.